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Royal design

History of the Royal Militare brand is based on a long-standing passion for history, art, equestrian and aviation.

Royal Militare is a luxury fashion brand which is the result of the unique mariage between modern luxury fashion and fashion through centuries, royal design, equestrian fashion traditions, aviation & gala uniforms.

Attention to Detail in every project we make

The passion to Create The Best

The Royal Militare collections are inspired by the ceremonial uniforms, by equestrian, military, aviation, and fashion history over the centuries. Thanks to high quality natural fabrics, they are timeless and durable, truly ecological. Each project is designed and sketched by Angelika Jarosławska Sapieha. She finds her inspiration in history, culture and art. Royal Militare clothes are unique models. Every each piece is unique.

HSH PrincessAngelika Ewa Jarosławska Sapieha

Founder & CEO

Napoleon Bonaparte Collection

2021 marked 200 years from the death of Napoleon Bonaparte – one of the greatest military commanders and skilled military strategist of all time, twice-emperor of France whose military endevours and personality dominated Europefor a decade.

One of a kind photo session taken on board of USS Intrepid, NY

Royal Militare reflects the commitment to the tradition and art of aviation. Respecting history, brand creates aviation-inspired fashion while maintaining its unique style.

Our Partners

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Unique collection

We believe that the dream of flying in the sky that accompanies aviators will be captured in the materials and design of the Royal Militare brand.

Our News

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