Angelika Jarosławska Sapieha supported the movie production „Born for the Saber” and was it’s ambassador

On 11 November Poland celebrates National Independence Day.On that special day, you can watch the movie ”Zrodzeni do Szabli”-” Born for the Saber” on TVP Historia and TVP Dokument.

Angelika Jarosławska Sapieha was very honored and blessed to work on that production. She was also an ambassador of that project.

The Polish saber inherent in the nobility culture was an excellent weapon and an example of our skills to creatively develop the experience of East and West.Saber was treated with exceptional respect and reverence „Born for the Saber” is the culmination of many years of work of the Sieniawski family to promote the tradition of the Polish saber.

Now you can also watch the video worldwide:…

„BORN FOR THE SABER” is a feature story about honor, courage, and war, seen through the eyes of a young noble and knight growing up in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

The documentary part of the movie is a cinematic journey through history and art of the mystique of high-end crafting of the polish saber, which to date is considered to be one of the best melee weapons on the globe. Word class experts demonstrate the art of saber fighting and forging this incredible cold weapon.

The movie is broadcasted and supported by the HISTORY channel.