„Children Painting Peace on Earth”

Today we want to remind you Angelika Jarosławska Sapieha’s initiative – “Children Painting Peace on Earth”.

In 2021 thousands children from Ukraine painted how they see the peace. The part of the initiative were also the lessons about the peace and the value of peace.

„Children Painting Peace on Earth” is a project aimed at the youngest, for whom we are guides in getting to know the world.

When children explore the world, they learn to recognize what is good and valuable and what is bad. We have to create a friendly and safe environment for them.

Today, 415 million children all over the world are growing up in war zones, two times more than in 1995.

War seen through the eyes of a child leaves them with great trauma.

Official reports show that there are more and more armed conflicts in the world.

Their victims are always the weakest – mothers and their children. Peace is more than just the absence of conflict.

Peace is the greatest value, but its maintenance requires constant work and moral education of the young generation.

We must promote moral education and build sensitivity in the youngest, who will one day be adults, shaping the future and future of our world. Each human step began with a single thought.

How to paint Peace?

There are no limits to children’s imagination. There may be thousands of ideas.

By learning through play, painting peace on Earth, and listening about the value of peace, our children will become happier and more responsible adults.

International Peace Ambassador

Angelika Jarosławska Sapieha