Landmines are killing, injuring, and orphaning children. The world is too little aware of the suffering of landmines victims. Help us to create a #minefree world!

Today, in many places in the world landmines still claim the lives of innocent people.Do you think that it’s far away from you? More than a quarter of the world’s countries and territories are contaminated with landmines.The world is too little aware of the suffering of landmines victims, killed or maimed by these barbaric weapons, sitting on the ground sometimes from 40 years or more, before they will explode under the child’s feet.These weapons of war kill in peacetime.Landmine does not distinguish between a soldier’s foot and a child’s foot.Landmines affect everyone, with 80% percent of casualties being civilians.Children account for 43% percent of all civilian casualties.Landmines are killing, injuring, and orphaning children.By one United Nations estimate, the cost of a landmine is between $3 and $75 while the cost of removing it is between $300 and $1000!In many countries, contamination by unexploded munitions increases every day, with bombs and shells failing to detonate on impact at a very high rate.The UN describes the ‚deep mental scars’ that are inflicted on children living in conflict — and this is undeniable. The impact of explosive weapons on children is devastating and lifelong, robbing families of their hopes and their ability to access vital services, and often profoundly altering the direction of a child’s life.Without the strong involvement of the international community, we will not achieve a mine-free world.To achieve #landminefree2025, we need strong involvement and support from the international donor community, private sector, and individuals.We need your help.Together we can defeat deadly devices.We should be the last generation to suffer the effects of the „underground devil” and we need to create a safe world for the next generations!