Madeleine Albright, First Woman to Serve as Secretary of State

“I’m deeply saddened by the loss of a special woman, true leader, champion of democracy and human rights.

Once she said: “We must be authors of the history of our age”

We have met a few times, usually for long discussions, which were remarkably precious for me. I learned a lot from Madame.Almost everyone knows her famous words: “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women”.

I can confirm, that she was always consequent to her words and that empowering other women was her true passion.I vividly remember when she told me, that we should all keep our words because it defines us.I always remember it.

Madame Madeleine Albright always spoke beautifully about Poland, Noble Peace Prize laureate Lech Wałęsa and the Solidarity movement. She always stressed the importance of Poland being part of NATO.

Her family fled Czechoslovakia when she was 2 years old to escape the Nazis. This fact had a great impact on her.I remember her the most as a strong person, but also very sensitive.

Human rights and democracy were the greatest value for her. 

At one of the meetings, she gave me her autobiography. She asked me to tell her when I will finish my reading.
Although she will go down in history as the first female US secretary of state, and previously the US ambassador to the United Nations, her memories are very intimate. 

This book is about everything that was most important to her – about her homeland, human rights, the greatest value of democracy, and the primary role of education.

She root for me in my actions. The last time we met, was at the inauguration of 20 years of Poland’s membership in NATO.

I didn’t suppose that it will be our last coffee.

Thank you for everything Madame”.

Angelika Ewa Jarosławska Sapieha