„No more war”!!! That was the message of the exhibition in Auschwitz.

The 303 Museum presented an exhibition next to Auschwitz, in honor of all prisoners of concentration camps.The main exhibition was called: „Music in occupied Poland 1939–1945” by dr Katarzyna Naliwajek-Mazurek.The honorary guest of the opening was Mrs. Helena Dunicz-Niwińska, who was a violinist in the concentration camp.

She was a part of the women’s camp orchestra. ”People doomed people to this fate”It was very emotional that a large group of former prisoners of the Auschwitz concentration camp participated in the opening of the exhibition.

It was very moving to hear from one of the former prisoners of the Auschwitz concentration camp the words: ”We need to believe in people. We must do everything in our power to prevent this from happening again”Angelika Jarosławska Sapieha has the honor to be an Ambassador of Colonel pil. Jan Zumbach 303 Squadron Museum.