Sustainable development projects presented during the Investment Forum in Tarnów

During the Investment Forum in Tarnów, an entire panel devoted to Polish innovations took place: Startup 3.0.

The invited guests of the prestigious event in the number of over 450 people were representatives of governments, parliaments, experts, scientists, innovators and investors from Poland and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Startup 3.0 was dedicated to the innovative projects and startups organized as part of the bottom-up, cluster program Poland 3.0, supporting from the very beginning the development of inland navigation, effective water management, the development of green transport corridors and being an important program from the point of view of the Three Seas Initiative and various innovative sustainable development projects.

One of the projects discussed during the panel „Startup 3.0” was startup Migam, presented by Przemysław Kuśmierek, Migam CEO. Angelika Jarosławska is an adviser of the board of „Migam”.